30 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba

Population Growth (Free)

Population Growth

In middle ages the average age was 35 because of wars and illnesses. In twenteeth century the increase in science and medicine changed the avarege age of the people. Today there are approximately seven million people in the world. In China the population is nearly more than one billion and In India more than 700.000. Nearly ¼ of the world population is from these two countries. In order to get the stabilization of population most femailes should have two children. In underdeveloped countries the rate of birth is high but the rate of death is high either. In developed countries, all these rates are low; for instance in Europe the population is decreasing. Contrary, in developing countries it is incresing. Turkey is one of these countries.

The prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey offered every family to have three children, even more. The avarage age was 65 in Turkey some decades ago. Nowadays  it is increasing. Most people leave till 80’s. Years ago the hospitals were only in big citites like İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, ect… After eigties the hospitals are builded in every city in Turkey. The number of hospitals, doctors and medicine services increased the age of death but most of the women in Turkey are still housewifes and they contunie to have a lot of children. It means that; in near future the population growth will increase.

Some people and the religion approves this situation but have shall we leave in such crowds. The traffic and other environmental problems can not be solved. To find clean wather, cheap food, cheap electric will be difficult in near future. Also the wages of the retired people will decrease. Turkey still has a young population but not as young as the former years so a problem will occur in social security system so the prime minister offering three children to the families in order to keep the population young.

What young people means? It means, consumption and it is necessary fort the economy. Otherwise; a problem just like in Germany may occur. In Germany the rate of the young people in population is very low. The rate of the retired people is high (because they are living till 80’s, 90’s) so, the German social security system had a problem in optaining money for retired people.

In spite of these reality isn’t there any other solution. The world is not big enough. People are increasingly living in the cities and the cities are fed up. In İstanbul some people are thinking to leave the city and to go to Mediterinian coasts. Of course Mediterrenian is a nice place to leave but only for retired people. Nearly all business opportunities are in the crowded big cities. In my opinion; instead of increasing the population the governments should focus on increasing the per capita income of the people. The world is more beautiful with less people, more forests.

28 Mayıs 2012 Pazartesi

School election

                                                           Is it war or election?

    What comes to mind when you think of a school election? How serious can it be at the school? A lot of students don’t enter their lessons for school election. Some of them will fail their lessons because of elections. They worked for days. Their aim is the same; represent the other students at the school. Do you think it is worth it? Will they continue school after they fail a lot of lessons? Maybe they will win the elections but they won’t grauduate…

   A lot of groups can apply for students union but one of them can win. A team of winners are chosen from the students.  If they don’t gather enough votes, one more election will be done. At our school which is called Istanbul Bilgi University one of the groups slammed the other three groups nevertheless because half of the school didn’t use their votes, another election was done. During the election every group cast aspersions upon each other. One of the groups which lost often mentioned about political things and saying something bad about the other group. It is like a war. They discuss more than once. They take the election too seriously

   Choosing a remerkable color is a very important thing. Turquoise is different from other groups. Their name is Turquoise and their t-shirt color is turquoise. They always seem more crowded than other groups. Besides; they take attention. Other group which is called ''We love Bilgi'' choose white t-shirt and they couldn't get enough attention. Before this election approximately for two years they were at the students union and the students weren’t satisfied. Generally students say: ''They are just partying, that's all!'' We hope new students union ''Turquoise'' will satisfy the students and deal with the students problems.

   In our class two of our friends especially strive during students unions election. They were from different groups so we can follow both of the groups easily. Most of us supported the Turquoise and they won. We wonder what will they do, what will be after this. Will they make the students happy? Will the war continue?

18 Mart 2012 Pazar

Blogging and the Media

If someone said some decades ago  “In the future you will write and read news by using computer!’’, nobody would understand anything about it and perhaps they would  first ask  ''what is computer? '' Nowadays we can see the children who are at elematary school using computer easily. They not only play games by using computer, but they also use facebook, twitter, blog etc as well. More and more people started to do that things. The people who don't use these things, learn the news later than the users. 

   I looked up  twitter  and  learned which topic is the most popular. People can write what they want  and I think sometimes it is more realistic than what is written in some newspapers. Twitter is the voice of the people but newspapers generally skew the news and we can not learn the real news.  We can write much more things by using blogs and we can read more candid things. Social network shows us what people thing and what they are talking about the world. Facebook isn’t as popular as twitter now; but it was very successful in connecting people . Most people found their friends from elementary school by using facebook.  Perhaps, after a year twitter will not be as popular as todays. People even get in touch with the prime minister or a famous actress by using twitter. İts boundaries is wider than facebook.  Blog users are  authors  generally.  They  occur from  much more cultured people because in order to write something ,it is needed  information  about the topic.

   Mostly writers, journalists or academicians have blogs. If someone wants to get information about them, blogs will be very useful. Years ago, when it was snow, the newspapers couldn’t be sent Eastern Anatolia. Today, there are blogs and internet. People don’t need to buy newspapers. Some academicians write that this  is the last century  for books and newspapers. E-books and blogs, will completely take place in the future  and  not to use much paper will be very productive for saving trees.
   In conclusion what I am trying to say is that, while we are watching television we don’t leave our mobile phones aside. We can get the news from internet at the same time… We don’t buy newspapers like at the old times but we follow the newspaper columnists from twitter. At the same time we read their articles from computer. We prefer to read blogs instead of  buying magazines. Time is changing and I don’t know whether  it will be good or bad for our future;  but sometimes I feel fear for  the future.. How will be our children? How will they live in a completely electronic world? Reading mails, watching YouTube, chatting friends in facebook and twitter, reading someones blog, takes a great time of  the people of postmodern world. In last century, there  were only boks and newspapers.  Next decades will be very different .