18 Mart 2012 Pazar

Blogging and the Media

If someone said some decades ago  “In the future you will write and read news by using computer!’’, nobody would understand anything about it and perhaps they would  first ask  ''what is computer? '' Nowadays we can see the children who are at elematary school using computer easily. They not only play games by using computer, but they also use facebook, twitter, blog etc as well. More and more people started to do that things. The people who don't use these things, learn the news later than the users. 

   I looked up  twitter  and  learned which topic is the most popular. People can write what they want  and I think sometimes it is more realistic than what is written in some newspapers. Twitter is the voice of the people but newspapers generally skew the news and we can not learn the real news.  We can write much more things by using blogs and we can read more candid things. Social network shows us what people thing and what they are talking about the world. Facebook isn’t as popular as twitter now; but it was very successful in connecting people . Most people found their friends from elementary school by using facebook.  Perhaps, after a year twitter will not be as popular as todays. People even get in touch with the prime minister or a famous actress by using twitter. İts boundaries is wider than facebook.  Blog users are  authors  generally.  They  occur from  much more cultured people because in order to write something ,it is needed  information  about the topic.

   Mostly writers, journalists or academicians have blogs. If someone wants to get information about them, blogs will be very useful. Years ago, when it was snow, the newspapers couldn’t be sent Eastern Anatolia. Today, there are blogs and internet. People don’t need to buy newspapers. Some academicians write that this  is the last century  for books and newspapers. E-books and blogs, will completely take place in the future  and  not to use much paper will be very productive for saving trees.
   In conclusion what I am trying to say is that, while we are watching television we don’t leave our mobile phones aside. We can get the news from internet at the same time… We don’t buy newspapers like at the old times but we follow the newspaper columnists from twitter. At the same time we read their articles from computer. We prefer to read blogs instead of  buying magazines. Time is changing and I don’t know whether  it will be good or bad for our future;  but sometimes I feel fear for  the future.. How will be our children? How will they live in a completely electronic world? Reading mails, watching YouTube, chatting friends in facebook and twitter, reading someones blog, takes a great time of  the people of postmodern world. In last century, there  were only boks and newspapers.  Next decades will be very different . 

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