28 Mayıs 2012 Pazartesi

School election

                                                           Is it war or election?

    What comes to mind when you think of a school election? How serious can it be at the school? A lot of students don’t enter their lessons for school election. Some of them will fail their lessons because of elections. They worked for days. Their aim is the same; represent the other students at the school. Do you think it is worth it? Will they continue school after they fail a lot of lessons? Maybe they will win the elections but they won’t grauduate…

   A lot of groups can apply for students union but one of them can win. A team of winners are chosen from the students.  If they don’t gather enough votes, one more election will be done. At our school which is called Istanbul Bilgi University one of the groups slammed the other three groups nevertheless because half of the school didn’t use their votes, another election was done. During the election every group cast aspersions upon each other. One of the groups which lost often mentioned about political things and saying something bad about the other group. It is like a war. They discuss more than once. They take the election too seriously

   Choosing a remerkable color is a very important thing. Turquoise is different from other groups. Their name is Turquoise and their t-shirt color is turquoise. They always seem more crowded than other groups. Besides; they take attention. Other group which is called ''We love Bilgi'' choose white t-shirt and they couldn't get enough attention. Before this election approximately for two years they were at the students union and the students weren’t satisfied. Generally students say: ''They are just partying, that's all!'' We hope new students union ''Turquoise'' will satisfy the students and deal with the students problems.

   In our class two of our friends especially strive during students unions election. They were from different groups so we can follow both of the groups easily. Most of us supported the Turquoise and they won. We wonder what will they do, what will be after this. Will they make the students happy? Will the war continue?

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